Ongoing Projects

Our Ongoing & Potential Projects

The Fountain at Los Barriles


Club Rotario Los Barriles has been instrumental in the construction, maintenance and improvements at the "Barrels Fountain" located at the entrance of Los Barriles.

Centro de Salud

Centro de Salud is the clinic in Los Barriles provided by the federal, state & local governments to provide medical services to every member of the community.  Workers whose employers pay into the social services fund and non working members of the community are served by this clinic. 
In the past Club Rotario and secured donations of medical equipment (i.e instrument sterilizer, cardiac monitor, dentist chair) as well as capital improvements to the building where the doctors, nurses and staff are housed.
We continue to work with government agencies to assist.
Laguna Park in Los Barriles
Laguna Park is located in downtown Los Barriles.  Club Rotario was instrumental in creation of the park.  It has a sports complex, pickleball court, stage and serves as a general gathering center.
Laguna Park is an integral part of the Los Barriles Community.  It is home to a low cost pickleball club, the seasonal "Community Market" as well as the annual "Taste of East Cape" event.
Laguna Park is in desperate need of updating.  Currently Club Rotario is working with Los Barriles Delegation and other area non-profits to secure planning and funding for this project.
Computer Center for Education at Los Barriles School
Club Rotario converted unused space near the Los Barriles Elementary School into a computer center.  Installing computers for the children to use whose families can not afford such luxuries.
Food Bank & Disaster Relief
Club Rotario Los Barriles donated and assisted with collection of food and distribution to members of the community affected by hurricanes and COVID. We partner and coordinate with local government agencies and charities to maximize efficiency & meet demands.
We stand by to help again when the need arises. 

Annual Cultural & Community Events

Spring Carnival Parade
Earth Day Projects
Children's Day Free Pancake Breakfast
El Ancon Sports Complex
Club Rotario has partnered with Delegation Los Barriles to create a safe area for the community to play soccer and baseball. Recently bathrooms have been installed.
Health Screenings at Schools & Local DIF Facilities
Club Rotario partners with East Cape Health Center to provide regular health screenings to school children, teachers and virtually anyone wishing to participate. 
These screenings expose local marginal communities to the importance of health, give them access to doctors and are contacted by health officials after the screenings should something be detected.
We work with local school officials and local DIF centers to provide these vital services.

Potential Projects

Biblioteca El Cardonal
We have received a request from residents of El Cardonal to assist in their efforts in creating a public library.
Volunteers have collected approximately 1,000 books (in English & Spanish) which are stored in plastic bins.  They have presented to our membership a request for help obtaining an enclosed trailer to house their books and allow them to serve the community with a "mobile" library.  We are working with the Sub-Delegation Mayor and School Officials to address this request. 
Look here for future updates.
Los Barriles Elementary School Library & Special Ed Room
We have received a funding request from Los Barriles High School Senior Bainey Lopez to help her complete her senior project which was taking an abandoned room at Los Barriles Elementary School and turning it into a Library/Special Education Room for use during school hours.
She has cleaned the room and with our help will repaint, add bookshelves, rugs & furniture to make the room more inviting for the children.
Look here for future updates.